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Unnatural Disasters

Video Installation 2017

Unnatural Disasters is a collaborative work made specifically for a 27-screen video wall. Taking inspiration from Cyfest Electronic festival theme of “Digital Cloudiness”, Unnatural Disasters explore ideas around pixelated nature, universal simulation, and the data cloud as a new form of environment. The work aims investigate possibilities for tearing open analog reality, finding consciousness and meditation in a torrent of data.

Every Time the Stars Align

Video Installation 2018
Sāo Paulo

Every Time the Stars Align fuses different natural elemtens of crystals, plasma and flowers in a lava lamp environment. Red crystals freeze with rigid edges and thaws into a relaxing mood. Plasma liquid rises and falls relecting a lava-like quality. Flowers fluctuate between a spectrum of color symbolizing intense human affections. Contradicting and unting flat and deep spaces, the three elements compose and decompose.

Home Without Reach

Interactive Installation 2017

Home Without Reach is an interactive installation exploring the role of a home as a form of isolation and security. Inspired by the French story, The Little Prince; the prince travels through the universe from asteroid to asteroid, each populated by only one inhabitant. Each inhabitant has a story to offer, a lesson to teach, and an opinion on outsiders.

A planet of ceramic homes varied in size and shape are divided from each other by cement cinderblocks. In a birds eye view, the homes in Home Without Reach are connected in a chain as embedded LEDs light up, and various scents can be experienced when the audience’s presence draws near. Some ceramic homes decide whether or not, they welcome the audience, exploring the wonders or danger between strangers.


Interactive Performance 2018

Eyeraki is an interactive performance piece that explores the vulnerability and power in the context of security. A live performer is bonded by rope struggling out of repression. As they try to set free, a projection of bumbling eyes are staring at them, surrounding them, consuming them. Inspired by the intricate art of binding, kinbaku by Nobu Araki, Eyeraki questions the obsession of beauty, until when do we let other things or people consume us? What are the powers of the audience in this context?

A Type of Urning 

Interactive Sculpture 2017

A Type of Urning is a multi-media sculpture including projection, 3-D printed teeth, debris and an urn focusing on the act of burial.

The word pansy comes from the mid 15th century French word pensee; meaning to think or ponder over something. What is really left of a person in an urn? By projection mapping onto a wooden urn, A Type of Urning reveal spirits budding out from pansies, gracefully morphing around on its own. The audience’s presence affects the pansies projected onto the urn. What appears on the outside might not be what goes on in the inside.