Interactive Art / Graphic Design / Ceramics

Art Direction

Young and Beautiful

Young and Beautiful is a documention of being young and its curiousites. The project was made in a time of confusion striving to explore feelings of falling in love and impulsivness, watching our bodies change and taking on a new stage of adulthood.


Interactive Virtual Reality
Screen, TouchDesigner, Procreate, Kuula`
Dimensions variable

Chrysalis is a maze-like experience around a doll house designed after the complexity of the human anatomy. A community of hollow babies dominate each room of the doll house, contained, propagated, and nurtured.

Krystal Elizabeth Li is an Interactive artist, Designer and Ceramist based in New York City. Her practice focuses on creating experiences based on curiosity, probablity and play. Her work has been exhibited in MadeinNY Gallery and FILE Festival during her journey in Interactive Arts. She enjoys pouring cortados for people & deconstructing doll heads during wee hours.

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